Friday, May 14, 2010

Survivor 20: Episode 13

What I consider to be the greatest season in Survivor history is ending this Sunday. I'm sure the finale and reunion show will be awesome - but it's sad to see such a great season end. Without question, this is the season I most wish I hadn't spoilered for myself.

With another season wrapping up, that means there must be another winner of the pool! Lets take a look at what our players have done in the past:

- Me - 2 wins (Danni from Guatemala, and JT from Tocantins)
- Doug - 2 wins (Bob from Gabon and Earl from Fiji)
- Bag - 2 wins (Parvati from Fans v. Faves and Evil Russ from Samoa - although E. Russ didn't actually win)
- Moon - 1 win* (Yul from Cook Islands)
- Alia - 1 win (Todd from China)
- Dachui - 0 wins
- Courtney - N/A (this is her first year)

Things I find interesting about this Final 5:

1. There are 2 past winners still in the game. Parvati and Sandra are two players who I really respect, but I didn't pick them because I though all previous winners would have targets on their backs and get voted out early. Not so. Also, there are 2 runners-up still in as well: Evil Russ and Colby. And this is the farthest Jerri has ever gone in the game!

2. Can anyone beat Parvati in challenges? She's good at puzzles, she's good at physical challenges, and she blows everyone away in challenges that take mental toughness/endurance. Moon suggested last night that she may be the best Survivor in history. This will be an interesting conversation to continue after we know the results on Sunday.

3. I really don't think Colby could get lamer if he tried. ("C'mon Reid!") Geez, what a mistake that was, picking him. I think he's the only player left I'm actively rooting against.

4. Mathematically speaking, it is still possible for any of the remaining players (me, Doug, Courtney, Gorbag) to win.

5. Thank God Rupert is finally gone. His overdramatic posturing has been driving me crazy for a month now. I can't tell if he speaks so slowly because he thinks it makes him sound more intense, or if his brain is actually just moving at that speed right now.

Current Standings:

"Beauty & 2 Beasts" Doug/Bri:
116 points
[1. JT (40 pts)]
[2. Tom (27 pts)]
3. Parvati (49 pts)

"Douchey" Dachui: 74 points
[1. Tyson (18 pts)]
[2. Boston Rob (26 pts)]
[3. Coach (30 pts)]

"Always the Bridesmaid, never the bride" Me: 72 points
1. Colby (20 pts)
[2. Amanda (32 pts)]
[3. Courtney (20 pts)]

"Gorbag" Bag: 72 points
[1. Rupert (28 pts)]
[2. Randy (6 pts)]
3. Jerri (38 pts)

"Moonwalkers" Moon: 56points
[1. James (7 pts)]
[2. Cirie (7 pts)]
[3. Danielle (34 pts)]
[4. Candice (8 pts)]

"New Rookie" Courtney: 52 points
1. Evil Russell (39 pts)
[2. Stephenie (2 pts)]
3. Sandra (11 pts)


Doug said...

Courtney, you do know that you want to increase your points each week, right? You might want to have a pep talk with your remaining 2 players to let them know, 'cause I think they are confused. < Must be a rookie thing... ;) >

Go Finale on Sunday! Go Parvati ftw! Go 3 time champ! (3 championships in a decade makes it a dynasty, right?)

Bag said...

I resent the fact that you and I are tied and you put yourself ahead. Also, Yul* FTW.

Michal said...

That's fair Bag, esp b/c Jerri > Colby. I only did that b/c I was ahead of you last wk and I was too lazy to switch our spots.

S. Doug, you are awfully cocky considering that you still could lose! It's unlikely, but still.... karma may just bite you!

BTW, Courtney may have set a record for most points lost in a single season.

Doug said...

Don't mistake confidence for cockiness. I know I can still lose. I'm just playing the odds. Oh... and the fact that I possibly have the greatest survivor in history sprinting to the finish line for B2B.

courtney said...

wait, why did Sandra lose points? i thought she played the idol correctly? how is she down 4 points from last week? soooo confused.

hey, at least i'm making history somehow! oy! :(

GnightMoon said...

Only fitting that the greatest Survivor in history should win the greatest Survivor in history.

chelsea said...

I like that show! I have watched its episode which has the older and younger tribe! It's really great.

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