Monday, May 10, 2010

Survivor 20: Episode 12

I think this is one of my favorite episodes, and not just because of who was voted out - thank the Lord we don't have to see those scary breasts anymore! Seriously, those things reminded me of the Hulk when he's angry. There's veins bulging out all over the place and it looks like her skin was stretched so thin that at any moment it would just pop - I'm surprised her bikini wasn't in tatters by the end of last episode.

But the real reason this episode was so great was because of the enormous power play that happened between Parvati and Russell. It seems like this last episode ended up being a draw, with the edge leaning slightly towards Russell. Parv took out one of Russell's pawns, but Russell took out Parvati's knight. The knight was more valuable for sure, but Parvati is a better player, so to me it felt like it broke even. It will be exciting to see who wins the next round!

Sadly, this ends Moon's run at this season's title of "Sole Survivor Poolist." He outlasted Dachui, but didn't come close to outscoring them, thus sealing his fate as the last place player in this season's pool. Nice to see that his dreg purchase ended up being worth it - although Candice still wasn't enough to save his team.

Current Standings:

"Beauty & 2 Beasts" Doug/Bri:
109 points
[1. JT (40 pts)]
[2. Tom (27 pts)]
3. Parvati (42 pts)

"Douchey" Dachui: 74 points
[1. Tyson (18 pts)]
[2. Boston Rob (26 pts)]
[3. Coach (30 pts)]

"Always the Bridesmaid, never the bride" Me: 72 points
1. Colby (20 pts)
[2. Amanda (32 pts)]
[3. Courtney (20 pts)]

"Gorbag" Bag: 58 points
1. Rupert (18 pts)
[2. Randy (6 pts)]
3. Jerri (34 pts)

"New Rookie" Courtney: 56 points
1. Evil Russell (39 pts)
[2. Stephenie (2 pts)]
3. Sandra (15 pts)

"Moonwalkers" Moon: 56points
[1. James (7 pts)]
[2. Cirie (7 pts)]
[3. Danielle (34 pts)]
[4. Candice (8 pts)]


Bag said...


GnightMoon said...

Those breasts scored more points than the rest of my team combined.

courtney said...

gorbag and new rookie = only teams with more than one survivor. fingers crossed!!!

Doug said...

Yeah, we need to change that...

I predict double elimination episode this week - Russell, then Rupert. fingers crossed!!!

I heard Sunday was the finale?!? Should we get together to celebrate/mourn?

Bag said...

finale? geez

brendaporter said...

Neat stuff! Sandra FTW! Russell zero votes! Parvati runner up! Boobsarella (Danielle) and the Tribal was pretty hilarious!

brendaporter said...

Neat stuff! I think that Sandra will win and Russell will get zero votes with Parvati as runner up. Boobsarella (Danielle) Tribal Council was hilarious at times. Jerri's expression was classic!

Michal said...

yeah i'm down for a get-together... i guess we'll work out the details after it's confirmed!

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