Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quote of the Week

"You don't have to be smart. You just have to have an internet connection."
- Bag, on the AbsolutePoker scandal

Thursday, September 13, 2007

When I'm a millionaire...

It's my new favorite way to start a sentence. I don't have anywhere close to a million dollars, but it keeps me positive and focused on my goals. (My goals are not ultimately having a million dollars, but rather a means to an end for my true goals.) After all there are so many ways to make millions these days! The top of my list right now is to win a big online tourney and to turn my book into a best seller. Sadly, I think winning the tourney is my most likely option since I don't think writing is usually a big money-maker. Unless you're JK Rowling, Dan Brown, or John Grisham.

But this is why I'm excited that the WCOOP is starting soon! Not only is WCOOP fun to say, it's fun to play! And it could be quite lucrative if the poker gods are on my side. I'm trying to qualify for a few of the bigger tourneys, though I'm notoriously bad at qualifiers. Qualifiers require more patience than most tourneys and patience is something I lack. But I'll keep at it and hopefully in a couple of weeks I can at least be a little closer to the million dollar mark!

Friday, September 07, 2007