Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bad outweighs the Good

Top 11 reasons I hate winter:
  1. It’s COLD!
  2. It’s dark over half the time
  3. When it snows it smells like cow poo in Boulder
  4. Driving is more dangerous
  5. I eat more and exercise less
  6. The wind is unbearable
  7. I can’t play any of the outdoor games I like
  8. Dressing in layers is a pain in the ass
  9. I get sick a lot
  10. There are no holidays to look forward to after MLK Jr. Day for almost 4 months
  11. Wintry mix- what the hell is that??

Top 7 reasons I like winter:

  1. Snow is pretty
  2. Bowling league
  3. Wood fires in our fireplace
  4. Snuggling under our big warm comforter
  5. Christmas/Hanukkah
  6. Australian Open
  7. At least I know that spring is coming soon!